Invoice defaults

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Choose the invoicing, Patient Visit List (PVL), and invoice printing options specifically tailored for your practice.

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  • Do not select calculate accounts receivable by provider before reviewing Using A/R by Provider to fully understand impact to client account transaction workflows and reporting capabilities for doctor production. 

Invoice defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Invoice.

Invoice area

  • Staff ID: Enter or press F2 to search and select a staff ID to appear on new invoices. This is only recommended for single provider practices.
  • Invoice type: Select a default invoice type for all new invoices, if applicable. Types are set under Controls > Invoice Types.
  • Invoice type required: Select to require an invoice type when creating an invoice.
  • Display patient visit message: Select to display a message asking if you want to see the Patient Visit List when items exist on the Patient Visit List for the patient you’re invoicing. Clear the check box if you want the Patient Visit List to display automatically without a message.
  • Automatically mark patient as deceased: Select to automatically change a patient’s status to Deceased when invoiced for an item with the special action Mark As Deceased.
  • Apply group item pricing before dispensing fee and minimum price: Select if your practice uses pricing adjustments on invoice item groups and you want to exclude dispensing fees from the price modifications.
  • Prompt for call back note: Displays a prompt to enter a call back note when a call back reminder is linked to an item added to an invoice.
  • Display below reorder point warning: Displays an alert when an item is added to an invoice or Patient Visit List falls below the reorder point.
  • Omit duplicate special action documents: Prevents duplicate documents from printing.
  • Use controlled substance reasons: Requires staff to select a reason when a controlled substance is invoiced. Reasons are set up under Controls > Controlled Substance > Controlled Substance Reasons.
  • Display greater than 20 patients message: Select to display a notification when invoicing clients with more than 20 patients.

Invoice print area

  • Print heading: Prints your practice information at the top of invoices.
  • # copies: Specify the default number of invoice copies to print.
  • Print staff name: Select to print staff member’s name on invoices.
  • Print patient reminders: Select to print reminders for patients included on the bottom of the invoice.
  • Print discount pricing: Select to display discount information per line item on the client invoice. This applies to preset discounts only.
  • Number of months to print appointments for: Prints future appointments within the specified time frame on the bottom of invoices for active patients of the invoiced client.
  • Turn on invoice receipt option: Select to print 3 1/8″ invoice receipts instead of full-page invoices. The Epson TM-T2011 receipt printer is required. Once selected, you can specify Full Invoice or Invoice Receipt per workstation using Workstation default settings.
  • Email invoice: Select to email invoices after posting. You can also select/deselect the option at time of posting. For more information, view the article on communication messages.

A/R by provider area

  • Calculate accounts receivable by provider: Select this option if you track and pay your providers based on collected accounts receivable. Refer to Using A/R by Provider article before making this selection.
  • Apply payment to specific invoices for A/R by provider: This option is enabled when selecting calculate accounts receivable by provider. Selecting will apply payments to specific invoices only if the payments are made during invoice posting. If not selected or payments are made after invoice posting, payments are applied to the oldest balance. It is recommended that the checkbox not selected, so payments will always be made to the oldest balance.

Patient visit list area

Selections can be modified as needed at time of use.

  • Make selections to transfer recommended, accepted and performed status PVL items to an invoice.
  • Display blue comment line: Select the check box to turn on the blue comment line in the Patient Visit List (PVL).
  • Display duplicate items warning: Select to display a message when opening the Patient Visit List that has duplicate items. Duplicate items appear in bold red text regardless of message display selection.

Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

Invoice address

For instruction on how to position your addresses and logo on your invoices, view the article on setting up your practice logo in Cornerstone.

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Invoice defaults

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