Inventory setup: Vendors

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Vendors are required to place and receive orders, return product, and can be selected as an item’s primary vendor. View and maintain vendor details and status from the Vendor List.

Before you start

Security access to Inventory – Vendor List and Vendor Maintenance dialogs


  • Vendor IDs cannot be modified.

Setup Vendors

  1. Inventory > Vendors
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Create a vendor ID up to 7 characters.
  4. Enter a vendor name.

Vendor ID and vendor name are required. Other vendor information options include:

  1. Account number: The account number assigned by the vendor.
  2. Vendor type: Select from Distributor, Manufacturer or Other.
  3. Web address.
  4. Street address, city, state, postal code.
  5. In the phone numbers area, add contact information as needed. Select one row to display on the Vendor List as the primary contact:
    • Contact name
    • Phone number
    • Extension
    • Email address used to email purchase orders
    • Notes specific for the contact. For example, days or hours available.
  6. Enter any notes about this vendor. For example, lead time, shipping threshold, or preferred order day.
  7. Enter an alert, if needed. This will display when placing or receiving orders from the vendor. For example, minimum order amount.
  8. Click Save.

Update vendors

  1. Inventory > Vendors
  2. Select a vendor in List, click Edit.
  3. Make any necessary changes.
  4. Select Inactive to inactivate the vendor, if needed.
  5. Click Delete to remove a selected contact row.
  6. Click Save to or Back to keep or discard changes and return to the Vendor List.

Additional information

Vendor IDs

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Inventory setup: Vendors

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