Inventory Setup: Locations

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Setup locations to use with inventory items tracking quantity on hand (QOH).

Before you start

  • Security access to Inventory – Location List, Inventory – Location Maintenance
  • If configured for multi-location inventory (MLI), location group(s) set up, and location types, if using.
  • Determine location needs before creating additional ones. It is best to start with one and expand as needed after gaining experience with inventory functions and reports.


  • Location IDs cannot be modified once created.

Overview of locations

Locations are used with inventory functions, inventory windows, and reports. Items that are maintaining quantity on hand (QOH) must be assigned to an inventory location and locations are required to receive inventory.

  • A location can be a physical location, such as central storage, or a type of inventory, such as controlled substances. 
  • Cornerstone inventory can be configured for either single location inventory (SLI) or multi-location inventory (MLI).
    • With SLI multiple locations can be setup. However, an item can only be assigned to one location.
    • With MLI, an item can be assigned to multiple locations, Default location options are also available in staff, workstation and inventory defaults.

Setup Locations

  1. Inventory > Locations
  2. Click New or select from the list and click Update.
  3. Enter an ID, up to 7 alphanumerical characters/spaces.
  4. Enter/modify the description, up to 40 alphanumerical characters/spaces.
  5. Multi-location inventory users:
    • Group: Select the location group. Groups are used for managing locations in different practices. For multiple location single database (MLSD) configured practices, a group can be assigned a practice.
    • Supply Location—Select the supply order for the location, if applicable. This is used when performing a stock transfer.
    • Type of location: Select a location type, if using.
  6. Click Save.

Additional Information


Multi-location inventory (MLI)

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Inventory Setup: Locations

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