Inventory Management: view and adjust inventory

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Learn how to check quantity on hand (QOH) and adjust quantity, lot numbers and expiration dates, and average cost using the View Quantity on Hand window and the Adjustment List.

Before you start

  • Set security access to:
    • Inventory – View Quantity on Hand
    • Inventory – Adjustment List
    • Inventory – Cost Adjustment maintenance
    • Inventory – QOH Adjustment Maintenance
    • Inventory History and Item History Information dialogs
    • Associated inventory reports
  • Setup Adjustment reasons
  • Set Inventory defaults for adjustment confirmations
  • Set inventory invoice items maintain quantity on hand (QOH)
  • Setup inventory location(s) and group(s). Groups are for Multi-location inventory (MLI) only


  • Once performed or confirmed, adjustments cannot be edited or voided.
  • An adjustment reason is required when changing the quantity, expiration date or lot information
  • Use adjustments in cases where returns to vendor, internal stock use and stock transfers (MLI only) do not apply.
  • The total cost displayed on view quantity on hand window and the Cost report totals may not match
    • Negative quantity on hand and cost only display on View quantity on hand window.
  • Items Tracking quantity on hand may not display on the list as expected due to:
    • Items that reach 0 QOH are dropped from the list after 14 days, based on end of day closings
    • Items newly set to maintain QOH

View Quantity on Hand window

Use the View Quantity on Hand window to view QOH, as well as adjust quantity, expiration dates and lot numbers.

Inventory > View Quantity on Hand

Filter and display items

  1. Locate inventory item(s) using the location, classification, and Item fields. The Item field searches for either the item ID or description with an embedded ‘search for word’ function.
  2. Click Advanced search for additional search criteria including inventory groups or types (MLI only), expiration date range, lot numbers and total cost.
  3. Select Only show items with a negative quantity to exclude viewing items with a positive quantity.
  4. Sort windows further by:
    • Clicking column headers. An arrow marks the sorted column.
    • Right-click the column header row to select which columns to display.
  5. Click on a column heading to drag columns to a the preferred order.

View and adjust items

Select an item and do one of the following:

  1. Click Edit QOH to adjust the quantity on hand for the selected item.
  2. Click New QOH Adjust to search for an adjust items not displaying in the View Quantity on Hand window.
    • Adjust QOH, expiration date, and/or lot number all in the same window.
    • Items maintaining QOH may not display if they were recently set to track quantity or if the quantity has been at zero for more than 14 days.
  3. Click Edit Lot & Exp to adjust only lot numbers and/or expiration dates on items that are tracking that information.
  4. Click the Item History tab to review inventory records, such as ordered or received date, quantity and cost
  5. Click Item Information tab to view information such as buy/sell ratio and pricing details.
  6. Click Stock Locations tab to check the items stock levels at other locations. This tab is only for practices setup with MLI.


  • Changes may not appear immediately in the View QOH window if the Auto confirm adjustments inventory default is not selected.
  • Confirm adjustments at Inventory > Adjustment List to finalize item changes to QOH and/or lot number / expiration date.

Adjust QOH for multiple items

  1. Select multiple items in the View Quantity on Hand window:
    • Non-sequential items: Ctrl + click
    • Sequential items: Shift + click
  2. Click Edit QOH.
    • Enter quantity change and adjustment reason, then click Next Record.
    • Click Previous record to move back thru the list of items.
    • View items included in the Adjusting # of # records pane.
    • Click Save to commit all changes and return to the View Quantity on Hand window.

Adjustment List window

Use the Adjustment List to:

  • View and confirm QOH, lot number/expiration date adjustments.
  • Perform single average cost, quantity and lot number/expiration date adjustments.

Inventory > Adjustment List

  1. Click New QOH Adjust to find and adjust QOH, lot number or expiration date information
  2. Click New Cost Adjust to find and adjust a QOH item’s average cost.
  3. Click View to see the adjustment record of the selected row. Cost adjustments will not display.
  4. Click Print to access the Inventory Adjustment report.
  5. Click Confirm to finalize an unconfirmed adjustment.
  6. Click Void to remove an unconfirmed adjustment.

Note: the Adjustment list can be filtered by adjustment status, date range or location (MLI only). Click Advanced search for additional search criteria including inventory groups (MLI only), item search, classification or adjusted by staff.

View Quantity on Hand versus Adjustment List

Use the chart below to determine which tasks can be performed from which window.

TaskView Quantity on Hand windowAdjustment List
Edit existing QOHX
Edit existing QOH for multiple itemsX
Edit existing lot numbers/expiration datesX
New QOH AdjustXX
Adjust average Cost on Hand (COH)X
Confirm adjustmentsX
Void Unconfirmed adjustmentsX
Print the Adjustment Report/view list of adjustmentsX

Additional information


Item Search

Adjustment List

View Quantity on Hand window

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