Inventory Management: Returns to Vendor

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Return inventory items that are maintaining quantity on hand (QOH) to Vendor.

Before you start

  • Security access to Inventory – Return to Vendor 
  • Vendors set up


  • Returns cannot be voided.

Returning an item to vendor

Inventory > Return to Vendor

  1. Select the vendor the item is being returned to.
  2. Enter the vendor’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, if known.
  3. Modify the date for return, if needed.
  4. Locate the items to return in the Find items to return area:
    • Search by description or item ID.
    • Use the filters to search by location (if applicable), item ID, and/or primary vendor.
    • Click Advanced search to search by additional fields of classification, lot number and/or expiration dates, or group (multi-location inventory only).
  5. Select an item to return or use Shift or Ctrl + click to select multiple items. Click Return.
  6. For each item being returned, do the following as needed:
    • Adjust quantity being returned. The unit of measure (UOM) is based on the sell unit of measure.
    • Enter the tax amount the vendor charged for the item. You can also enter a total tax amount in the Total Tax box for all of the items.
    • Add a note for the reason for return.
  7. If an item was selected that should not be returned, click Remove item.
  8. Enter an amount in the Restock fee and Shipping fields, if needed.
  9. Review the total cost. Modify restock fee, shipping and total tax, as needed.
  10. Click one of the following:
    • Save: Post information and exit.
    • Save & Print: Post and print the Inventory Returns Report.
    • Cancel: Exit without saving.

Note: Saving the return will deplete the quantity on hand and update the cost on hand for the item(s).

Additional information

  • All QOH tracking items with a current QOH display by default in the Find items to return area.
  • Notes do not print on the Returns Report.
  • Sort the window using available filters and column headers.
    • Right-click the column header row to adjust column display.
    • Drag columns to the preferred order. Cornerstone will keep the order of columns for the logged in user. Example: A user drags the Description column to be before the ID column. The next time the user logs in, Description will be before ID.

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Inventory Management: Returns to Vendor

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