Inventory Management: Receive orders and manage receipts

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Use the Receipt List window to view, receive inventory and manage vendor receipts. Receive a purchase order or manually enter a receipt without an order.  Posting inventory receipts updates: 

  • quantity and cost on hand.
  • vendor and average cost.
  • client pricing (when using auto calculate price with entered markups). 


Before you start


  • Inventory-Order List
  • Inventory-Order Maintenance
  • Inventory-Receipt List
  • Inventory-Receipt Maintenance
  • Any associated reports


  • Vendor(s) set up to place and receive orders 
  • At least one location setup to place and receive orders
  • Inventory Defaults
  • Invoice items set as inventory type.
    • Use of auto calculate price with appropriate markups recommended.
    • Maintain QOH and buy/sell ratio setup, if using.
    • Lot/expiration date tracking, if using. 


  • Once posted, inventory receipts cannot be edited or voided.
  • Saved (not posted) inventory receipts cannot have the vendor or receipt number modified and can be deleted.
  • The Item on order and Item on Open Order onscreen messages seen on Information and Inventory tabs of the invoice item will no longer display once the item has been received or canceled.
  • Duplicate receipt numbers per vendor are not permitted.
  • Only posted receipts update quantity and cost on hand. 

Using the Receipt List

Inventory > Receipt List


  1. Select a vendor to view orders only for a particular vendor, or view order from all vendors.
  2. View receipts with all statuses or filter by Status:
    • Posted: The receipt has been entered and can no longer be modified. The quantities and costs have been updated in Cornerstone.
    • Not Posted: The receipt has been started and saved. The quantities and costs have not been updated in Cornerstone.
  3. All receipts from past 14 days will display by default in the Receipt list. If needed, change the Date Range.
  4. If any filters are applied, click Search.
  5. Adjust display by:
    • Click any column header to sort the information by the column’s value (ex: Date or Vendor).
    • A triangle will indicate which column and sort order (ascending/descending) are used.


  1. Receive an Order: Receive items into Cornerstone inventory.
  2. Edit: Modify the selected receipt. Only Not Posted receipts can be modified.
    • Modify the date, if needed.
    • Update item quantities, costs and other details as needed. 
    • Remove or add items. 
    • Click Save or Place Order to complete edits and return to the Receipt List. 
  3. View: Open the Receive Purchase Order window for the selected receipt. Note: Editing is not available.
  1. Print: Print the Receipt Report for the selected receipt. 
  1. Delete: Remove a receipt with a status of Not Posted from the list. 

How to receive an order

Navigate to either:

  • Inventory > Order List > Select a Sent, Sent Online or Partial status order > Receive Order
  • Inventory > Receipt List > Receive an Order
  1. Select the Vendor, which will populate from the purchase order if starting from the Order List. Click OK to acknowledge any vendor alerts.
  2. Enter a receipt number, up to ten alphanumeric characters and press the Tab key. You can also select a Not Posted status receipt from the Open receipts for vendor list.
  3. Change the date, if needed.
  4. From the Purchase order number drop-down list, select one of the following, if needed:
    • All open orders: Display all items on all open purchase orders for the vendor. This is the default when starting from the Receipt List.
    • None: Do not display any items from any open purchase orders.
    • Select the applicable purchase order when multiple purchase orders exist for the vendor. This is the default when starting from the Order List.
  5. To receive items, do one of the following:
    • Select Received from the Status drop-down list, for each item. You can also mark an item as Back Ordered or Cancelled when receiving against a purchase order.
    • Click Receive All to update all items from a Purchase Order. Use this when all or most items will be received from the vendor. If needed, mark individual items as back ordered or cancelled.
    • Enter the Item ID or F2 to search and select from the inventory item list. Use when:
      • adding additional items not listed on the purchase order.
      • not using the purchase order feature and manually entering items to receive.
  6. For each item, enter or verify the received quantity, unit of measure (UOM) and cost for each item. Cost is based on the unit of measure, which defaults to the buy UOM. You can also:
    • A. Indicate cost is special price in the SP column by selecting Yes from the drop-down list. This will not calculate new prices or update vendor cost, but will factor into average cost.
    • B. Enter sales tax for the item in the Tax column.
      • Tax entered per item line will be calculated and displayed in the Total Tax field at the bottom of the window.
      • A total tax amount can also be entered manually.
    • C. View or add a note by clicking the notepad icon. Existing notes, those entered from the Want List or on a purchase order, will be displayed as a filled-in notepad icon.
  7. If items appear in red, click Receipt Item Details to enter required information:
    • Add lot numbers and/or expiration dates, if tracking.
    • Multi-location Inventory (MLI) only: Receive items into a specific location. A default receiving location can be set in Inventory Defaults.
    • Posting of the receipt is prevented until these details are entered.
  8. Other available actions
    • A. Click Remove Item to remove a manually added item from the receipt.
    • B. Click View Order to open the associated purchase order.
    • C. Click Information for [ ] tab at the bottom of the window to review Item History, Item Information, and Stock Locations. To search for other items, click to the far right .
  9. Verify Shipping, Total Tax and Total amounts for the receipt, before posting. Posted receipts cannot be edited.
  10. Click one of the following:
    • Save: Save receipt to complete at another time (displays with Not Posted status on Receipt List).
    • Save and Print: Save the receipt and print a receipt order with items marked as received.
    • Post: Post receipt and review Change Prices window.
      • Click Post to complete receipt posting, updating quantity on hand, cost and pricing information.
      • Click Done to return to receipt for any needed entry modification.
    • Cancel: Close Receive Purchase Order window without saving changes. Click Yes or No, when prompted to confirm.

Additional information


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