Inventory management: Internal stock use

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Deplete inventory and capture associated cost as an internal cost of goods from the Internal Usage report. A cost center must be used to perform internal stock use.

Before you start

  • Security access to Inventory-Internal Stock Use dialog.
  • Inventory cost centers setup.
  • Usage tax(es) setup and linked to inventory items, if applicable.
  • Inventory items setup and associated with at least one location (MLI can have items associated with more than one location).

Using the internal stock use feature

Inventory > Internal Stock Use

  1. Enter Item ID or F2 to search and select item.
  2. Enter quantity to deduct from inventory.
  3. Enter lot information, if tracking.
  4. Enter the expiration date, if tracking.
  5. Modify date used, if needed.
  6. If using Multi-location inventory, indicate the location to delete from.
  7. Select cost center.
  8. Select usage tax(es) to apply, if needed.
  9. Enter or modify cost, if needed.
  10. Check total cost for accuracy (quantity x cost + usage tax)
  11. Click Save.

Additional information

Internal stock use

Related reports

  • Internal Usage Report
  • Usage Tax Report
  • Audit Report
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Inventory management: Internal stock use

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