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Import non-diagnostic images into Cornerstone including files and scanned images.

Before you start



Add an imaging record

The following imaging file formats can be imported into Cornerstone patient records: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jp2, .png,.tif, .tiff, .avi, .mpg or .mpeg.

The Image Explorer provides access to non-DICOM images only. To work with diagnostic (DICOM) images, use the IDEXX-PACS Image Viewer.

To import an image, Navigate to one of the following:

  • Patient Clipboard > right-click on a patient > Imaging > Image Import
  • Toolbar > Image Explorer. > search for and select the patient > Import
  1. On the Image Viewer toolbar, click Open.
  2. Select one of the following from the list.
    • Capture Frames: Capture images from a video device (ultrasound, endoscope, etc.). Follow the selected device’s online instructions. Note: This feature is only available with the IDEXX-PACS software or Diagnostic Imaging.
    • File: Import an existing image. Example: Image from a digital camera, medical illustration
      • Find the folder where the image is located.
      • Select the file and click Open.
      • The image will be displayed in the Image Viewer.
    • Scanner/copy options:
      Note: Procedures may vary depending on the brand of the scanner.
      • Multi-TWAIN: Devices that can scan multiple pages in one step (scanners, copy machines, etc.). Follow the selected device’s instructions.
      • Single-TWAIN: Acquire a single image
        Example: Flatbed Scanner
      • After the selected software device has acquired the image, the image is displayed in the Image Viewer.
  3. Click Edit Image Details to include keywords and other image details.
  4. To save the image, click Save.
    • Type a descriptive series title and click OK.
      Tip: The series title will be displayed next to the image entry in patient history.
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Import images

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