IDEXX Cornerstone Lab Collection

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Get help now with IDEXX Reference Laboratories and IDEXX In-house diagnostics for Cornerstone, using our collection of resources.

  • Articles: Knowledgebase articles, on individual lab topics, provide easily readable, more detailed steps to using lab.


Learn how to associate your laboratory invoice items with IDEXX in-house diagnostics and IDEXX Reference laboratory tests and profiles, to ensure charges are captured.

IDEXX in-house diagnostics

Learn how to update Cornerstone to incorporate SDMA and the Catalyst Progesterone test into your existing in-clinic test ordering workflows.

IDEXX Reference Laboratories


Use the check list daily to resolve orphan and not requested results, and unresolved pending requests. In addition, learn the possible reasons these occur and how to prevent them.

Put Lab setup and workflow all together with an interactive course.

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IDEXX Cornerstone Lab Collection

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