General Ledger setup and usage 

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The General Ledger (GL) interface allows you to extract daily or monthly financial data to a file that can be imported into QuickBooks or MYOB Accounting for Windows. The extract can be manual or part of your end of period processing. A daily or monthly GL Batch report is also available.   

Before you start



  • The file type from the extract (IIF) is compatible with desktop Quickbooks.  
  • Use the GL Batch report saved to the appropriate file type (ex: .csv or .xls) for Quickbooks Online. 

Extracted information

The Information which can be imported from Cornerstone into QuickBooks or MYOB includes: 

General Ledger setup

Navigate to Controls > General Ledger > Setup

  1. Select which frequency to automatically extract data.
  2. Select your accounting software package from the Extract to drop-down list.  
  3. Based on your accounting package, enter the appropriate account number for Work and Error accounts.
    • These accounts are used to balance transactions.
    • If you are using QuickBooks, do not change the default entries in these fields.  
  4. Assign a customer name (QuickBooks) or number (MYOB) in the A/R customer field for your accounts receivable.  
  5. Assign a payable name (QuickBooks) or number (MYOB) In the A/P customer field, for your accounts payable.  
  6. In the Directory field, enter the path where the extracted file will be saved.
    • The path must include the cstone folder.
    • If using unattended end of period (EOP), the path must be accessible from the database server. This is so the extracted files can be saved automatically during end of period processing.
    • If an error occurs in creating the file, a message displays on the designated unattended end of period workstation(s).  
  7. Enter a description to display in QuickBooks in the Memo field. Example: “From Cornerstone,” which allows the user to know the origin of the data.  
  8. In the Accounts area, indicate the following:  
    • Choose the entry detail level for data extraction for sales, payments, taxes, discounts, and credit card service charges from the One Entry drop-down.
      • Select Yes to extract as a single amount. Example: All payment types will go into one specific account name in your accounting software.
      • Select No to extract as detailed amounts. Example: Each payment type will be separated and can go into separate account names in your accounting software.
    • Enter the associated account name used in your accounting software package for each GL row in the Account Name field. This is account name can be approximately 30 characters/spaces
  9. Click OK

General Ledger manual extract

Manually extract data for prior time periods to an IIF file. You can also print the corresponding GL Batch report.  

Navigate to Controls > General Ledger > Manual Extract.  

  1. Select End of Day or End of Month.  
  2. Select Generate report to also print the GL Batch Report. This is a summary of the information saved in the extract file. The GL Batch report is also found under end of day and month reports.
  3. Click File to modify the file location within the cstone folder as needed. Modify the file name if necessary. 
  4. Select the closed period(s) to include.
    • Use Shift or Ctrl + click to select multiple consecutive or nonconsecutive daily periods.
    • Only single monthly periods can be selected. 
  5. Click OK to create the file. 
  6. Click OK at the acknowledgement the file was generated. 
  7. Click Close to exit the Manual GL Extract. 

Using the General Ledger batch report

The GL Batch Report provides a summary of the data extracted to the file.  

Navigate to Reports > End of Period > End of Day or End of Month > GL Batch Report.  

  1. Select the applicable daily or monthly period.
    • Use Shift + click to select multiple consecutive daily periods.
    • Only single monthly periods can be selected. 
  2. Click Print or Preview. You can also click Save As and choose the file type.  

Additional information




Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 

  • EOD GL Batch report 
  • EOM GL Batch report 
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General Ledger setup and usage 

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