Finalizing estimates

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Finalize an estimate manually or with an electronic signature to indicate client is accepting the recommended services and fees. Finalizing an estimate will send items to the Patient Visit List (based on estimate default settings).

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  • Electronically signed estimates are automatically finalized and saved to patient history with the date the estimate was created. Estimate items are sent to the Patient Visit List with the date the estimate was signed.
  • Manually finalized estimates are subject to the same store setting in estimate defaults and will be deleted when the expiration date is reached.
  • Only finalize an estimate once the patient is presented for treatment. This will ensure the Patient Visit List populates with items showing the current date.

Finalize an estimate

Create a new estimate or locate a saved estimate by navigating to any of the following:

  • Patient Clipboard > right-click patient> Estimate
  • Patient Clipboard > select patient> Estimates tab
  • Patient Clipboard > Client’s Estimates tab
  1. Do one of the following in the Estimate # field:
    • Press Tab to load the selected estimate or start a new estimate if the field is blank.
    • Press F2 to select a different estimate from the Estimate List and press Tab.
    • Press Ctrl + N to start a new estimate. Use this method to create separate estimates for the patient, if needed.
  2. Modify item or billing details, as needed. Example: Quantity, pricing, staff, revenue center, discounts, taxes, date
  3. Modify the Qty-Low and Qty-High as needed. The Qty-Low and Qty-High default to 1, unless the item is part of a group item.
    • Change the low or high quantity, if applicable.
    • You can enter a Qty-High value of 0 with a Qty-Low of 1 to create an ‘either/or’ scenario.
      Example: The doctor wants to run either a chem panel A or a chem panel B.
      • The lower- priced panel is set with a low qty of 1 and a high qty of 0. The higher priced panel is set with a low qty of 0 and a high qty of 1.
      • Both lines will transfer to the Patient Visit List based on the estimate default settings (low or high prices).
      • The high / low “0 qty” items will have a zero-price associated with them. Manually remove them from the PVL to ensure accurate patient history.
  4. Modify Low and High pricing as needed. You may not be allowed to change the item’s pricing, based on the Allow change setting for this invoice item in Invoice Item Information. If changes are allowed, you may be required to select a price change reason.
  5. Change the order of items appearing on the invoice by highlighting the item ID and use the onscreen arrow buttons to move the item. Group items must be moved as a group.
  6. To remove an item from the estimate, highlight the item ID and press Ctrl + D. To delete an item that is part of a group, click on the Qty, and press Ctrl + D.

Finalize by electronic signature

  1. Do one of the following to finalize the estimate by electronic signature:
    • Click OK to save changes.
      • In the Save Estimate window, make any estimate option changes as needed. Example: Modify estimate messages or price printing detail.
      • Select Preview/Signature and click OK to open the estimate’s Print Preview.
    • Click Print > Preview to open the estimate’s Print Preview.
  2. Click Signature.
    • Have client sign and click Accept.
    • Click Clear if needed to re do signature.
  3. Add witness signature, if using.
  4. Once it has been signed, the estimate is automatically finalized and saved to the patient history with the signature icon. The estimate displays the Signature icon and “FINALIZED – Signed” at the top of the Print Preview window.
  5. Click OK to close preview. You can also print or email the signed estimate from the window.

Finalize the estimate manually

Do the following to finalize the estimate manually, without an electronic signature.

  1. Click Finalize.
    • In the Save Estimate window, select Save and continue.
    • Make any needed changes and click OK. Example: Modify Options for price transfer and printing detail.
  2. A prompt for any linked special actions displays. Click Process to complete or Continue or Close to complete actions from the Patient Visit List or Invoice.

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