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Set estimate preferences for saving, transferring, and printing and specify the default message(s) used most frequently when creating estimates.

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  • If you choose to print a practice logo on your estimates, check to ensure that the logo does not cover important header information, such as the client name/address and date. Other header information is not adjusted or positioned relative to the physical space taken up by the logo.

Set up estimate defaults

Navigate to Menu > Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Estimate.

  1. In the Estimate area:
    • Enter or F2/ select a staff ID to appear on new estimates. Best left blank if not a single doctor practice.
    • Specify the default Number of days to store unsigned estimates (up to 999 days). Estimates that have not been electronically signed by the client are deleted during End of Day processing after the specified number of days.
    • Select the Finalize estimate check box to default an estimate’s status to final when an estimate is saved. (Depending on how your Add invoice items to PVL field is set, invoice items may automatically transfer to the Patient Visit List when the estimate is finalized.)
  2. In the Transfer to patient visit list when finalized area, do the following:
    • Select Low prices to automatically transfer the estimate low prices to the Patient Visit List.
    • Select High prices to automatically transfer the estimate high prices to the Patient Visit List.
    • Select Always Ask, Always Add and Never Add for the Add invoice items to PVL option to specify if invoice items should automatically be added to the Patient Visit List from a finalized estimate.
  3. In the Estimate print area:
    • Select the Print staff name check box if you want to print the staff name on estimates.
    • Select the Print item ID check box if you want to print invoice item IDs on estimates. If not selected, the date on each line of the estimate will be used.
    • Select the Use authorizing signature check box if you want the option to have clients provide electronic signatures on estimates.
      • If Use authorizing signature is enabled, you can also select the Use witness signature check box to add a Witness Signature line to the estimate.
      • If you are not using electronic signatures on estimates (i.e., if Use authorizing signature is not selected), you can select the Preview before printing check box to set the Preview option to be selected by default on the Save Estimate dialog box.
    • In the # copies field, specify the number of estimate copies to print by default.
  4. Do the following in the Print prices and print areas:
    • Choose one of the following to print on the estimate:
      • only low prices
      • only high prices
      • Both low and high prices
    • Choose to print one of the following on the estimate:
      • Both detail and total
      • Only total
        Note: The estimate price options can be changed at the time a new estimate is saved if the logged-in user has security access for Estimate Options.
  5. In the Estimate message area:
    • Specify the estimate message(s) to use by default on estimates:
      • In the ID field, type the estimate message ID or press F2 to search for and select a message from the Estimate Message List.
      • You can click the estimate number (to the left of the message row) to view the associated message text in the Message lines area.
      • Add additional messages as needed.
    • Select the Print estimate messages on separate page check box if you want estimate messages to print on a separate page, and not on the same page as the actual estimate.
    • If necessary, use the onscreen arrow buttons to change the order in which the messages display on the estimate.

Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

Set up estimate address defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Estimate > Estimate Address.

  • Select Print practice address on estimates to include the practice address in the estimate header.
  • Select Print practice logo on estimates to include logo in the estimate header.
  • Click the logo, practice or client address positioning box and, then use your keyboard arrow keys to reposition the box.
  • Set Align Practice Address text setting (Left, Center or Right justified) to align the name and address text. Example: When Practice Address positioned at the left margin, set the name and address text to left justify.
  • Click Apply and then click Test Page to print a test page that includes placeholder blocks for the header (and footer) fields in your current layout.
  • Click Reset to undo your positioning changes and return to default alignment settings, if needed.
  • Select the Use address layout for invoices to use the same layout for invoices and set up your header positioning once.
  • Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

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