End of period FAQs

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The most frequently asked questions about end of period activities.

I forgot to run end of day. What should I do?

End of month was not run last night. Should I run it now?

Why do I always have two closed end of day periods for the last day of each month?

We did not do an end of year inventory count, and need to know what our numbers were at for December 31st.

We use unattended EOD or EOM, but we had a power outage when it was scheduled to run. What should we do?

We forgot to run our end of year. Now what?

My daily deposit reports are not matching the credit card batch reports even though I processed EOD and they matched at the time as part of our drawer balance.

Does EOP processing require exclusive use of Cornerstone?

How do I change the reports that are preselected in the EOD/EOM/EOY reports window?

Do I really need to run end of day, month, or year?

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End of period FAQs

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