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Email and fax communications allow you to easily share patient information with clients, specialty, referral, and emergency facilities. Communications are recorded in patient history and can be accessed from the Communication Log and Client Communications tab of the Patient Clipboard.

You can:

  • Email a medical note or correspondence document with any included attachments directly from the Cornerstone Editor.
  • Email estimates directly from the Estimates window.
  • Email client invoices from the Post Invoice window or account information windows.
  • Email the Patient History report from either the Patient Clipboard or the Patient report list. Note: Your internet service provider may impose file size limits.
  • Email vendor Purchase Orders from the Inventory Order List.
  • Fax estimates, medical notes, and correspondence documents.

Before you start




  • Only finalized/closed correspondence and medical notes can be emailed/faxed.

Sending a document

With the document open in the Cornerstone editor, click Email/Fax.


  • The attachments are included only when sending an individual patient document.
  • Only finalized documents can be sent. If you email a tentative document, you are notified it will be finalized when emailed.

Sending Patient History

  1. From the Patient Clipboard, click Print History.
  2. Set a date range, if needed
  3. Make any selection changes for what history types to include and exclude.
  4. Click OK.
  5. From the reports Preview, click Email.


  • Only one patient can be included when you email the Patient History report, because this information will be listed in the patient’s communication log.
  • The Patient History Report email will not include attachments per document.
  • If the report size exceeds file limit settings, you will need to do one of the following:
    • Return to the Patient History report and deselect items to include or adjust the date range.
    • Cancel the email, adjust the email file settings, and retry the Patient History report.
    • Cancel the email, print the report as a PDF file, and send it as an attachment in an email outside of Cornerstone.

Sending an invoice

When posting an invoice, click Email invoice from the Post Invoice window.

When sending a closed invoice, from Account History, open the invoice and click Email.

Sending an estimate

In the Estimate for… window, click Email.

You can also select email from the Save Estimate window or the estimate Print Preview window.

Sending a purchase order

From the Inventory Order List, after selecting a purchase order, click Email and then select the file type (pdf or txt).

Communications window

  1. In the Communications window, make any changes as needed:
    • Select the communication type or Email or Fax)
    • Select Include Cover Sheet.
      • Any text entered in the Message text box is included on the cover sheet.
      • If you use a logo on your printed invoice, and are sending a fax, that logo is also applied to your fax cover sheet.
    • Change the sending Staff.
    • Modify the subject line.
    • Add or remove recipients for TO, CC, BCC.
      • The client’s or referral DVM’s email address/fax number is populated if it is entered under Client Information, Patient information, respectively. Any changes on this window do not update the client or referral DVM.
      • If you want to send the document to a recipient not currently set up with an email address/fax number in Cornerstone, in the next available blank row in the Recipients list, complete the Name and Email Address/Fax number fields.
  2. Modify the message. You can enter text, up to 2048 characters, in the Message text box to include it in the body of the email or the fax cover sheet.
    • The Attachments list automatically includes the related document, history report, invoice or estimate, as well as any files already attached to the document. Additional attachments cannot be added.
  3. Click Send.

The email/fax is recorded in the patient history as a sent communication and also displays under the Client Communications tab of the Patient Clipboard and in the Communication Log.

Additional information

Email and Fax

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These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Export the Communication log to a .csv type file.
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Email and fax

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