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Bookmarks are used to insert specific variable information into a document, like a client name, patient history, practice phone number, etc. They are most commonly used when setting up a document template, but can also be inserted individually when editing a document.

Before you start

  • Security access to Document Template Category List, Document Template Category Setup, Document Template List and Document Template Setup dialogs.


  • Bookmarks must be inserted by using either the insert menu or the bookmark toolbar shortcut. Copying and pasting a bookmark may cause loss of function. The bookmarks in document templates that were created using the Copy or the Save As will function correctly.
  • For text-only template/documents, only text-based bookmarks can be used. Image- or table-based bookmarks are not available for selection (for example: pet picture, prescription history, lab results, or signatures).  

Insert bookmarks

Bookmarks are most commonly used in document template setup so that the document structure is consistent, but the variable information from throughout Cornerstone is inserted into the document. For example, bookmarks will populate client information and patient signalment automatically on an authorization form.

  1. To add a bookmark to a document template, navigate to Lists > Documents > Templates > New or Update.
  2. Click within body of document to set the cursor where the bookmark information will appear. 
  3. To open the select bookmark window, either: 
    • Click Editor’s Bookmark toolbar button.
    • Click Editor’s Insert menu > Bookmark.
    • Right-click > Insert > Bookmark.
  4. Choose the bookmark category from File Description
  5. Choose the bookmark from Field Description
    • If prompted, select the format for date bookmarks 
    • If prompted, select the fields to include. The order of selection determines left to right order of inserted information. 
  6. Click Add Bookmark. For each additional bookmark, click within the document and repeat steps 3-5.
    Note: When editing a document template, you may find it easiest to keep the select bookmark window open, but click and drag it to an area on the screen that is most convenient for you. Spaces after bookmarks are automatically inserted.
  7. To delete a bookmark from a template, double-click within the bookmark to highlight the entire bookmark, and press Delete. 
  8. Click Close to close the Select Bookmark window. 
  9. Click OK to save and close the document template.  

Occasionally, you may need a bookmark individually when using a document. For example, adding prescription history or departing instructions to patient discharge instructions. To add a bookmark while using a document, follow the above instructions starting with step 2. The information from the bookmark will populate immediately.

Available bookmarks

Bar Codes





Invoice Items


Medical History

Medical Notes





Prescription Instructions


Referral Doctor

Referral Hospital

Reminder Info


User Defined Client

User Defined Patient


Additional information


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