Discount Setup and Management

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Setup discounts to use on estimates, PVLs, invoices, and client settings. Discounts can be applied to invoice items individually or automatically when an invoice item and client settings match.

Before you start

  • Security access to Discounts and Discount Setup to create and maintain preset discounts.
  • Security access to Invoice Item Information, Mass markup, and Client Information A/R info dialogs to complete the setup to automate discount application.
  • Security access to Defaults – Practice to set Invoice defaults to print discount information per invoice line item

Add or modify discounts

  1. Controls > Discounts
  2. Click New or select existing discount and click Update.
  3. Enter/modify a discount description. The description will appear on the invoice. 
  4. Enter/modify a percentage and press TAB.  
  5. Enter a GL Account name if your practice uses the General Ledger interface.  
  6. Modify status, if needed 
  7. Click OK.  

Add discounts to individual items

  1. Lists > Invoice Item > Update > Tax/Disc tab 
  2. Select the discount(s) in the Discounts to apply field and click OK.

Add discounts to multiple items

Note: Exclusive use of Cornerstone is required when using the Mass Markup tool.

  1. Tools > Mass Markup > Discount tab 
  2. Use Invoice item information and Type options to create list of items . 
  3. Select the discount in the lower field.  
  4. Do one of the following: 
    • Select items using Ctrl + click. 
    • Click Select All, deselect items as needed using Ctrl + click. 
  5. Click Add
  6. Click Apply
  7. Repeat steps as needed for additional discounts.

Associate discounts with individual clients 

  1. Client information > Update > A/R Information tab
  2. Select discount(s) from the Applicable Discounts field. 
  3. Click OK

Set discount print detail

Discounts are described and totaled at the bottom of invoices. If you would like discounts to be added to individual lines on invoices, apply the following setting:

  1. Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Invoice 
  2. Select Print discount pricing if you want discount information to display per line item on the client invoice. This applies to preset discounts only.
  3. Click Apply

Additional information

Using discounts

Inactive discounts

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Discount Setup and Management

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