Daily Entries report defaults

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The Daily Entries Report defaults allow you to specify how your practice tracks changes, additions and deletions of billed lines on the invoice or the Patient Visit List (PVL). To help you maintain the integrity of your practice data, the Daily Entries Report audit includes all lines on open or closed invoices and the user ID of the person who is logged in. The Daily Inv and PVL reports are part of the end of day reports.

Before you start

  • Security: Defaults > Practice


  • For mobile computer users: Changes and deletions performed on a mobile computer will not display on these reports. When synchronization is run, the entries will display as additions to the reports.

Set up defaults

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation> Daily Entries Report.

  1. Click Include invoice entries on report and select which invoice changes your practice needs to audit.
  2. Click Include patient visit list entries on report and select which PVL changes your practice needs to audit.
  3. Enter the number of months to keep this information.
  4. Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Daily Inv and PVL Entries reports
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Daily Entries report defaults

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