Create and maintain Staff IDs

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Create, update, and inactivate Staff IDs for users from the Staff List.

Before you start

  • Security access to Staff Information dialog
  • Staff Classification set up


Staff IDs cannot be modified once created. Once a Staff ID is used, it cannot be deleted, but it can be inactivated.

Setting up a new staff

  1. Lists > Staff > New.
  2.  Enter a Staff ID up to 6 alphanumeric characters, and press Tab.
  3. Select the staff member’s classification.
  4. Enter the staff member’s information in the corresponding fields.
  5. In the Phones dialog box, right-click and choose New. Enter phone number details and click OK. Repeat as needed for additional phone numbers.

Optional Setup



Update staff information

  1. Lists > Staff > Select a name > Update.
  2. Make necessary changes on Information, Prompts/Notes or Signature tabs.

Inactivate a staff ID

  1. Lists > Staff > Select a Staff Name > Update.
  2. From the Information tab, select Inactive.

Note: Once inactivated, the status can be changed back to active.

Additional information

Classification use


Related reports

  • Staff Summary Report – staff telephone/address list
  • Staff Phone List
  • Staff Defined Prompts Report – list of the answers in the staff prompts
  • Security report (File > Security Setup > Security > Print). This report is available for Administrator designated staff only.
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Create and maintain Staff IDs

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