Configuring email from Cornerstone

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When emailing from Cornerstone, you can select the staff you want the email to be sent from in the top right corner of the Communication window. If that staff has staff-specific email settings set up, those will be used. If there are no staff-specific email settings, the default system settings will be used.

Note: Imaging emails (Image Explorer, Image Viewer, Case Window) always look at the logged in staff for staff-specific settings first.

Before you start




  • High-speed internet access is highly recommended because you will be transmitting large amounts of data when you send images.
  • Your internet service provider may impose file-size restrictions for sending email.

Configure default practice email

Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Settings > Email.

  1. Select the tab to set up:
    • System: These settings will be used when there are no staff-specific settings.
    • Staff’s Name: This is the currently logged-in staff member. These settings will be used when that staff member is selected to email from, or when that person sends imaging emails.
      Note: To set up email for each staff, they need to be logged into the workstation being used to complete settings.
  2. On the tab, select the type of email you want to set up:
    • SMTP to use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
    • Gmail to use Gmail’s OAuth Protocol.

Setting up SMTP email

  1. In the SMTP Server Name field, type the name of your email server.
  2. In the SMTP Port text box, type the port number required by your email provider.
  3. In the SMTP User Name and SMTP Password text boxes, type the information that Cornerstone needs to log in to your email server.
  4. Select the Enable SSL or Enable TLS check box. The option you choose depends on what your email provider requires.

Setting up Gmail

  1. Click Sign in with Google and follow the instructions provided in the browser.
  2. When done, navigate back to Cornerstone and continue to set up the remaining default settings.

Email default settings

In the Reply E-mail Address field, type the address to which the recipient should reply.

Imaging email default settings 

  1. In the E-mail Attachment File Type drop-down list, select the type of file to use for sending images. This setting is used only when emailing images and can be changed at time of use.
  2. In the Default Image Send To E-mail Address field, type the address to be listed as the default recipient for images (e.g., your telemedicine provider). This field is used only when emailing images and can be changed at time of use.
  3. Click Save to save and close the Imaging Configuration window or click Apply to save without closing the window.

Send a test email

Click Send Test Email to send an email to the Reply E-mail Address. Check that email box to confirm the message was sent successfully.

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