Compliance Assessment results and reports

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After you have completed the protocol setup process, you can calculate your missed opportunities. Compliance results can be compiled by group or by individual protocol. 

Before you start




  • Compliance protocols must be set up.
  • Patients without birthdates or weights will be excluded from results if protocols are set with age or weight ranges.
  • Available reports are based on type of search selected (compliance results or alternative search).
  • It is recommended to perform this at a time of low system use.

Generating report results

You can navigate the protocol setup wizard by either the Next and Back buttons or use the left navigation pane. The navigation pane also provides basic instructions per step. 

Navigate to Reports > Compliance Assessment Tool > Generate Compliance Results.

  1. In the left navigation pane, do one of the following: 
    • Click Compliance results to perform a regular compliance search. This is the most common. 
    • Click Alternative Search to perform an alternative compliance search.  
  2. Select the protocol to be included in the compliance check.  
  3. If your practice has set up protocol groups, click on the group name to select all protocols in the group.  
    • Select Expand all protocol groups as needed. 
    • Select Display predefined IDEXX protocols as needed. 
  4. Adjust the date range as needed to compare compliance (check-in or invoice date, based on your settings). One year displays by default from the current date. 
  5. Do one of the following, based on the the search type:
    • Regular search:
      • Select Display in option of Dollars or Services
      • Modify list of patient classifications to include, if needed (click a classification to select/deselect). 
      • Optional: Select an invoice item classification to pre-filter eligible patients before applying protocol definitions. Example: if you are searching for compliance in preanesthetic testing, filter the search to only those patients that were also invoiced for items included in surgery. 
    • Alternative search:
      • Verify the appropriate service/dependent is highlighted for the selected protocol. 
  6. Click Search.  
  7. With results displayed, do any of the following: 
    • View, print or save available reports (based on the type of search performed), using either the Next and Back buttons at bottom of window or the left navigation pane. The report description can be viewed in the pane by either method.
    • Modify display detail between dollars and services and clicking Search. This is for the regular search only.
    • Modify the date range and click Search to reevaluate your compliance. 
    • Click Reset to run another protocol
    • Click Finish to exit. 

Available Compliance Reports

Regular compliance search

Alternative compliance search

Additional information

General compliance result details

Regular compliance search result definitions: Dollars

Regular compliance search result definitions: Services

Alternative compliance search results definitions

Reporting tips

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window. 


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Compliance Assessment results and reports

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