Communications log

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View email and fax communications sent from Cornerstone in the Communications Log, which provides comprehensive details on the date sent, transaction status (sent/failed), recipient, destination (email address or fax number), patient, and so on. You can also resend communications for documents, including failed status.

Before you start

  • Setup: Email


  • Laboratory results and client-friendly reports that are emailed from IDEXX VetConnect PLUS within Cornerstone can be viewed from the VetConnect PLUS communications log. They cannot be viewed anywhere elsewhere in Cornerstone.

Use the communication log

Navigate to Activities > Communication Log.

Do any of the following to modify the displayed information:

  • Adjust the date range. The last five days appears by default.
  • Select a specific communication type: Email or fax.
  • Select a specific Recipient type: Client, doctor, hospital, other.
  • Enter a specific client, email address, fax number or patient name.
  • Enter a specific staff ID.
  • Click on a column header to sort the information accordingly. An arrow marks the column and indicates the sort order of either ascending or descending.
  • Select Only failed rows not successfully resent to display only failed emails and faxes that have not been successfully resent.
  • Click Export As.csv to have the information shown in the log as a file that can be opened in another software program.

Expand a row to view communication details:

  • View all recipients of the communication and the status of the email or fax transmission.
  • View any of the following:
    • Communication type: Email or fax
    • Client/patient
    • Staff associated with the communication
    • Subject and message
    • Date the email or fax was sent
  • View the file name, type, and a preview for all attachments included in the email or fax.
  • Click Resend To This Recipient to resend a document previously emailed or failed.
  • Click Show Only Related Rows to view communications related to the selected row.

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Communications log

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