Client reporting

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Learn how to create frequently asked for client reports such as who your top clients are, client mailing and email addresses, clients who owe money, new clients and more.


  • Each report outlined in this article has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

Commonly asked for client reports

Tip: Set key reports as a favorite to find quickly in the Report Search window. Security access for the specific report is required. Navigate to Reports > Find a Report > Locate and select (highlight) the report. Click Favorite.

All invoices for a client for a date range.  
Copies of a patient’s invoices for a client (insurance claim). 
Client needs total spend on a specific patient within a date range. 

Client needs their total spend within a date range.

A list or report of clients with their phone number and/or email address.

A list or report of active clients with their mailing address.

I need to find my top clients.
I need to contact my top clients (send a holiday card).
Find clients who spent a specific amount or more.

Which clients owe money?
Who has outdated balances due?

Find a list of new clients.

Find new client numbers.

What clients have been seen during a date range.

Reporting tips

Learn what specific information is included in the above-mentioned reports:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Find a report.
  2. Locate and select (highlight) the report on the list.
  3. Review the included data fields and report description, including a sample report, in the right pane of the Report Search window.

Make note of any additional information available in a specific report using the Extra fields when saving to file details.

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Client reporting

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