Client defaults

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Use client defaults to save time when setting up new clients to include selections you use most frequently, like client classification and A/R information.

Before You Start


Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Client

  • In the Client information area, set the following options as needed for your practice:
    • Client ID: Type the starting client ID number to use when Auto assign is selected.
    • Auto assign: Automatically generates sequential ID numbers when setting up new clients.
    • Recently accessed clients: Enter the number of recently accessed clients you want Cornerstone to remember, up to 20. The recent clients appear first when you access the client drop-down field.
    • Classification: Select the most commonly used client classification. Client classification can be updated at any time.
    • Use most recent client: Displays the client whose record was last opened. This applies to individual workstations.
    • Postal Code: Type or F2 to search and select the most common postal code to use for new client addresses.
    • Area/City code: Type the most common area or city code to use for new telephone numbers.
  • In the A/R information area, set the following defaults:
    • Credit code: Credit codes determine which forms of payment can be taken from a client. Select the most common credit code to be used for a new client. This can be changed in the client’s A/R Information tab at any time.
    • Billing Charge: Check the box to ensure new clients receive billing charges, if applicable
    • Finance Charge: Check the box to ensure new clients receive finance charges, if applicable
    • Tax Exempt: Check the box if it is most common for your new clients to be tax exempt.
    • Show client balances on trainer reminder reports: Prints account balances on trainer reminder reports.
  • Click Apply to save your changes and continue setting defaults or click OK to save your changes and close the window.

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    Client defaults

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