Client account overview

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The Client Account window and Account information tab on the Patient Clipboard can be used to view a client’s account history, credit code, aged balance amounts, transaction details, and perform financial tasks.

Before you start

  • Security access to Client Account and other dialogs appropriate for the logged in user’s role and responsibilities 
  • Client Account Adjustment 
  • Client Account Comment 
  • Client Account Payment 
  • Client Account Returned Check 
  • Client Account Transfer 
  • Client Account Write Off/Reinstate 
  • Account defaults set 
  • Cashier ID (recommended) 


  • When accessing and using the Client Account window from the toolbar, verify the displayed client is correct before completing any financial transactions, such as a transfer or adjustment. These cannot be voided if made in error. 

Client Account window access and differences


There are a several different ways to access the client account. The functionality is the same with a few minor differences.  

To open the Client Account window:

  • Toolbar > Client Account

  • Toolbar > Search Clients/Patients > right-click > Client Account

To view and update client account information on the Patient Clipboard:

  • Patient Clipboard > Account Information tab

The Client Account window

  • Displays more rows in the window, reducing scrolling.
  • Displays the associated practice in the hover detail.
  • There is a Print button for the Client Account History report. 
  • Change the displayed client by clicking Cancel and then use the Client ID field to: 
    • Enter a new ID.
    • Select a recent client from the drop-down.
    • Press F2 to search and select from the client list.

Account information tab

  • Access financial tasks from right-click menu.
  • Client Account History report print option is not available.

Perform financial tasks

The following tasks can all be performed from the client account. Click the topic to view the how to article.

Viewing transaction details

  1. Hover over rows to see additional information. Ex: Cashier ID on payments, longer comments entered when adjusting or writing off/reinstating an account, account comments.
    • Note: When hovering, the associated practice will display only on the Client Account window, not the Client Information tab.
  2. With a row selected, double-click or right-click > View to open the associated transaction.
    • Note: For payments, the view option is only available for payments made on account, not payments made directly on invoices.

Adding comments to account history

  1. Select the appropriate client in the Client Account window.
  2. Click Comment or right-click > Comment.
  3. Enter any notes and your initials.
  4. Click OK.

Note: Comments cannot be edited or voided. Comments can be filtered from the Client Account History report.

Print account history

  1. Navigate using any of the following:
    • Toolbar > Client Account
    • Toolbar > Search Clients/Patients Client > right-click > Client Account
  2. Enter the Client ID or press F2 to search and select the client.
  3. Click Print.
  4. Add a date range, if needed, using AND at end of the client ID row.
  5. Uncheck Hide voided items or Hide account comments, if needed.
  6. Click Preview, Print or Save As.
  7. Click Close to return to the Client Account window.

Additional information

Client account history

  • You can reprint when viewing an invoice or payment receipt.
  • Refresh the client account window or tab after posting a transaction or after a period of inactivity before completing another transaction. This will ensure you are working with most current data and avoid duplicate transactions that could be entered at another workstation.
  • Uncheck Hide voided items to view voided transactions from either Client Account window. Voided transactions can also be excluded from the Client Account History report.
  • The Client History Report can also be accessed under the Reports menu in the client reporting group.

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Client account overview

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