Client account management: Voiding invoices

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Void an invoice to reverse billing items in patient history and reporting. Use this option when charges are put under the wrong staff, and more.

Before you start

  • Security access to Invoice Void dialog
  • Cashier IDs setup, if applicable


Voiding an invoice does not:

  • Reverse satisfied reminders or special actions of sex modification or marking a patient as deceased.
  • Void prescription labels or rabies/vaccine tags.
  • Delete pending lab or imaging requests.

This information will need to be updated manually.

When to void an invoice

Voiding an invoice should be done in the following instances:

  • The wrong staff ID or revenue center used on invoice.
  • The wrong patient or client was invoiced.
  • Sales tax was charged on a tax exempt client.

Voiding an invoice

  1. Navigate to the client account history through either:
    • Toolbar > Client Account
    • Patient Clipboard > Account Information tab
  2. Double-click the closed invoice.
  3. Click the Void button.
  4. Select Check to confirm the void to confirm that you are voiding this invoice.
  5. Modify Print invoice and Copies selections as needed.
  6. Use the Comments field to provide additional information about why the void is occuring.
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Yes or No to also void any associated payment information.
    Note: Clicking Yes will prompt you to enter your cashier password, if using. Click OK to complete the void.
  9. Reenter correct invoice information, if applicable.

Voided invoices and payment can be hidden from the client account by selecting Hide Voided items on the Patient Clipboard.

Additional information


A/R by provider


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Client account management: Voiding invoices

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