Client account management: Transferring a balance

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Transfer balances and credits between client accounts. The transfer appears in both clients’ account histories.

Before you start

  • Security access to Client Account Transfer dialog


  • You can only perform a transfer when the From client has a balance (debit or credit).
  • Transfers cannot be voided. If an error occurs, perform another transfer to reverse the original transaction.

Transfer a balance

  1. Navigate to either:
    • Client Account window > Transfer
    • Patient Clipboard > Account Information tab > right-click > Transfer
  2. Enter the Transfer To Client ID or press F2 to search and select the client.
  3. Enter either the percentage of the balance or the dollar amount to transfer, and the corresponding value calculates for you. For credit amount transfers, enter the amount as a negative.
  4. Review the balances for both accounts for accuracy.
  5. Click OK.


After performing a transfer, it is best practice to enter an account comment to explain the reason for the transfer. Comments appear on the Client Account History report.

  1. Click Comment or right click > Comment.
  2. Enter any notes and your initials.
  3. Click OK.

Note: Comments cannot be edited or voided. Comments can be filtered from the client account report. 

Additional information


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Client account management: Transferring a balance

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