Client account management: Returns and refunds

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Instructions and tips on returning and refunding a client account.

Before you start

  • Have the original invoice available to ensure the correct items, staff ID, and revenue center are used for the return.


  • Refunding a lab test or imaging service may prompt for the associated request window. Cancel the request window, remembering to change the quantity to the appropriate negative quantity.
  • If most or all of a posted invoice needs to be ‘returned’, you can void the invoice . Security permission is required to void invoices.

Return and refund examples

  • A patient is not eating a prescribed diet.
  • The client changed their mind on a histopathology test.
  • The patient was billed for a service that was not received or was overcharged, such as a bath or miscounted nights of boarding.
  • Correcting individual items invoiced under the incorrect staff or revenue center

How to return and refund items

  1. Create a new invoice, selecting the appropriate Invoice type, if using. Verify or change the receptionist Staff ID to accurately reflect who is processing the invoice.
  2. Enter the Invoice Item ID of each returned item using a negative quantity. Use the same staff ID and Revenue Center as the original transaction for accurate staff revenue reporting.
  3. The price that appears is based on the item’s current price. Modify if needed.
  4. If the item is set up with a dispensing fee, a message appears asking whether you want to include the dispensing fee. Click Yes or No.
  5. Verify invoice total is correct. Apply or remove sales tax, discounts as needed.
  6. Click Post.
  7. On the Post Invoice window, do one of the following:
    • Credit the client account: Uncheck Apply payments and click OK.
    • Issue a refund: Leave the Apply payments checked and click OK to proceed to the payment window.
      • Enter your cashier password, if using and press the Tab key.
      • In the amount field, right-click and select Invoice balance. If entering the amount manually, use a the negative ( – ) symbol in front of the payment amount.
      • Select the payment type.
        • If using an integrated card payment type, the Return window appears. Based on the vendor, select Credit or Debit for the transaction.
      • Complete all required fields and process the transaction.
  8. Verify New Payments, Cash refund, and Balance after payments amounts are correct.
  9. Click Post.

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Integrated payments

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Client account management: Returns and refunds

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