Client account management: Returned checks

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Returning a previously posted check will add the check amount and service charge to the client’s accounts receivable balance and add a client alert, if applicable.

Before you start

  • Security access to Client Account Returned Check dialog
  • Account and Alert defaults set
  • Check payment type with a prompt setup.
  • Cashier ID, if applicable


  • A returned check transaction cannot be voided. If an error is made, perform another returned check using negative check and service charge amounts to correct returned check reports and the client balance.

Entering a returned check

  1. Navigate to either:
    • Client Account window > Rtn Chk
    • Patient Clipboard > Account Information tab > right-click > Returned Check
  2. Enter your cashier password, if applicable, and press the tab key.
  3. Select or enter the Check #.
  4. Verify or modify the Amount.
  5. Verify or modify the Service charge.
  6. Uncheck Valid Returned Check if you do not want the Returned Check alert to display on the client’s record.
  7. Click OK.


After performing a returned check, you can enter an account comment to document any client communication regarding the check payment. Comments appear on the Client Account History report.

  1. Click Comment or right click > Comment.
  2. Enter any notes and your initials.
  3. Click OK.

Comments cannot be edited or voided. Comments can be filtered from the client account report.

Additional information


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Client account management: Returned checks

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