Client account management: Adjusting a balance

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Use account adjustments to modify a client’s account balance. This should not be done for correcting payment errors and only for specific reasons explained in this article.

Before you start

  • Security access to Client Account Adjustment dialog
  • Account defaults set for adjustment comments, if using.


  • If the balance issue is due to an invoicing or payment entry error, fix the transaction rather than use adjustment.

When to perform an adjustment

Adjustments are used in the following situations:

  • Setting up a beginning balance.
  • Applying a credit without a payment. For example, a missed invoice discount, contest winner, or referral promotion.
  • Removing or editing a finance or billing charge.
  • Forgiving a balance owed without writing off the account.
  • Removing outdated credit balances if not transferring to a charity account.

Note: Once performed, adjustments cannot be voided. If an adjustment is performed in error, perform another one to reverse the original adjustment.

Performing an adjustment

  1. Navigate to either:
    • Client Account window > Adjust button
    • Patient Clipboard > Account Information tab > right-click > Adjustment
  2. Enter notes for the adjustment in the Comment field.
  3. Modify or delete the owed amount(s) in the corresponding Adjusted fields.
  4. Review the Total Due at the bottom of the window to verify what the client now owes your practice. The Actual column displays the original owed amounts for reference.
  5. Review the Adjustment to confirm the total amount you are adjusting.
  6. Click OK.

Additional information


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Client account management: Adjusting a balance

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