Census List

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Use the census list to view and check in scheduled appointments, view patients currently checked in to your practice, and manually check out patients. 

Before you start

  • Set security access for Census List dialog and Census Reports
  • Set up the following and set related securities:

Viewing the Census List

Navigate using either:

  • Press F3 on the keyboard.
  • List > Census

Filter and Sort

  1. Select which patients will display by selecting from the View drop-down list:
    • Patients in Hospital: All patients currently checked-in with a status of Inpatient or Outpatient.
    • Outpatients: Only patients currently checked-in with a status of Outpatient.
    • Scheduled Appointments: Patients who are scheduled for appointments using the Cornerstone Appointment Scheduler. If there are no scheduled appointments for the day, a message will display. Click OK and choose a different view on the Census List.
    • Boarding & Grooming: If using the Boarding and Grooming module, view all patients currently checked into boarding.
  2. Filter the selected view using any or all of the following. Note: These filters are based on Appointment Scheduler setup and do not apply to the Boarding & Grooming view.
    • Staff: Select a specific staff from the drop-down list. All Staff displays by default.
    • Suite: Select a suite from the drop-down list to view checked-in patients for only that suite.
    • Rooms: Select a specific room from the drop-down list. All Rooms in Suite displays by default.
  3. Use the Sort By drop-down list, to sort information by Client Name, Date/Time, Room, Staff or Visit Type (Reason for Visit).
  4. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to view additional information.


Select a patient and perform a task using the buttons on the right-hand side of the window.

  • Check-in: Check patients in (Scheduled Appointments view only) when the arrive. This opens the Patient Check-in/Out window.
  • Update: Update the check-in details for Outpatients, Patients in Hospital and reservation details for patients checked into Boarding & Grooming.
    • The Patient Check-in/out window displays for patients listed as Outpatient and Patients in Hospital. Update the information and click Update or click Check-out to manually check out the patient.
    • The Reservation information window displays for the patient listed as Boarding and Grooming. Update the reservation and click OK or click Check-out.
  • Check-out: Use to manually check out Outpatient and Patients in Hospital and remove them from the Census List. Click Yes or No to confirm.
  • Select: Use to open and populate a blank window behind the Census List with the client/patient information of the selected row. Applicable windows include: Patient Clipboard, Estimate, Patient Visit List, Invoice, Prescription label. Note: if the button is disabled, an applicable window is not open in background.
    • Example: A blank Patient Clipboard is open. Click F3 and select a client/patient. The Patient Clipboard will open and populate with the selected client and patient.
  • Close: Close the Census List.

Use Refresh to ensure the Census List has the most up to date information.

Additional information

Suite details

Census viewing details

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Census List

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