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Appointment Scheduler

Scheduling appointments

Learn how to schedule, move and delete appointments and more, in the Cornerstone appointment scheduler.

Appointment Scheduler setup

Use these articles to setup your Cornerstone appointment scheduler rooms (columns), suites (groups of rooms), and learn how to manage your schedule with templates.

Related setup/defaults

Setup and manage reasons for visit to use with the Cornerstone appointment scheduler. Set defaults such as default appointment suite, displaying appointment details, and setting time increments.

Client Account

Payments, corrections, returns and voiding invoices

Use these articles to learn how to enter payments, correct payments, perform returns, and void invoices within Cornerstone.

Overview and other tasks

Get an overview of a Cornerstone client account. Learn how and when to perform tasks such as. writing off accounts and adjusting a balance.

Related setup

Setup payment types and credit codes within Cornerstone. Assign credit codes to clients to determine payment methods to be taken from a client. Use Cashier IDs to track staff taking payments.


Document setup

Use these articles to learn about the available bookmarks for documents within Cornerstone and how to setup a document. Learn about all of the available data entry options.

Related setup

Setup defaults for finalizing a document and for favorite documents. Use Vaccination bookmarks to ensure setting up a vaccine certificate is as efficient as possible.

End of Period

End of period processing and reports

Learn how to process end of day, month and year, run monthly statements and how to run end of period reports within Cornerstone.

Related setup

Setup defaults for end of period, such as which reports to run. Learn how you can setup your end of day and end of month to run automatically.

Invoice Items

Invoice Item setup

Use these articles to learn how to setup inventory items to maintain quantity on hand and how to set up service items. Setup items used for invoicing vaccines and populating vaccine certificates with lot numbers and expiration dates.

Related setup

Setup item classes, taxes, discounts and revenue centers to use with Cornerstone invoice items. Setup defaults for invoice items.

Additional Setup

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