Boarding reports

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Cornerstone Boarding and Grooming provides a variety of reports to help keep your boarding facility running smoothly and allows you to track important information for analysis of the business.

Before you start



Print boarding reports

Navigate to Reports > Find a Report > Boarding.

In the Reports list, click the plus [+] sign to the left of Boarding to expand the list of boarding reports.

Select the desired report and click Create report or double-click the report. The Boarding Reports window displays.

  1. The selected report will display in the Boarding report field. If needed, select a different report.
  2. In the From field, enter the date, use the arrow keys or press F2 to select the date for which you want to run this report.
    • Some reports can be run for a date range. Enter the date range in the From and To fields.
  3. Select the Sort Order from the drop-down list. Select either ascending or descending order.
  4. Select the Frequency or frequencies to filter for this report, if applicable.
  5. Select the Status or statuses to filter for this report, if applicable.
  6. Select the Cage type to include on the report, if needed.
  7. Click Preview. Print or save the report.

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Boarding reports

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Boarding reports

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