Boarding overview and setup checklist

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Schedule boarding reservations and check your reservations in and out independently of your clinic/hospital patients. While booking a reservation, you can add invoice items to bill for products and services provided during the patient’s stay, set up special instructions for the care and feeding of the patient and schedule a grooming appointment. Multiple patients can be included in one reservation and cages can be shared.

The module uses a workflow similar to Appointment Scheduler. This simplifies checking in/out reservations and invoicing through the Patient Visit List. A range of reports are available through the Reports menu.

Setup overview

Before you begin, review the following to ensure that the necessary components for using the Boarding and Grooming module are set up.

General settings

The following settings are used by the Boarding and Grooming module in the specified areas.

Appointment Scheduler items

The grooming feature utilizes the following settings that are set up and used for the Appointment Scheduler.

Boarding and grooming settings

Boarding and Grooming usage overview

This is a basic workflow for creating a boarding reservation. For detailed information on using the Boarding and Grooming module, see the following:

  1. Access the Reservation List.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select a reservation type.
  4. Enter the arrival and departure dates.
  5. Select the pet to include on the reservation and check Include on reservation.
  6. Select a cage.
  7. Fill out instructions and add grooming appointment, as needed.
  8. Click OK.
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Boarding overview and setup checklist

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