Backup Verification Assistant

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The Cornerstone Backup Verification Assistant provides extra precaution to ensure your Cornerstone data is backed up. It scans the backup log and reports possible problems when a staff member with appropriate security logs into Cornerstone. IDEXX recommends IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery and an IDEXX supported local backup solution (e.g., Backup4all). When using IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery and an IDEXX-supported local backup solution, we strongly suggest using the Backup Verification Assistant for the local backup solution since your backup through IDEXX is monitored remotely for peace of mind.

Before you start

  • Security setup
    • Backup Verification Assistant
    • Backup Logs
  • Setup
    • Install/set up an IDEXX supported backup solution: IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery, Backup4all


The Backup Verification Assistant helps identify potential problems with your backup. The backup assistant scans your backup log for certain keywords. The assistant will highlight the line(s) in your backup log if keywords are found.

  • Click Next Rpt and Previous Rpt to review all of the reports produced by your backup software.
  • If you have verified that the backup was successful, click the Verified check box in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Click the Print button to print a backup report

The Summary section displays the lines in the backup log that contain the keywords. If you highlight a line in the Summary section, the Backup Verification Assistant will locate that line in the Full Report section.

Even if the backup assistant has not highlighted any lines, that does not guarantee that your backup is valid. For the Backup Verification Assistant to be useful, your backup software must be set to display details on your backup log files. For assistance with this, please contact IDEXX Cornerstone Support at 1-800-695-2877.

Using the Backup Verification Assistant

The Backup Verification Assistant scans your backup log for certain keywords. If keywords are found, the assistant highlights the line(s) in your backup log and displays them, color-coded, in the Summary area.


  • Red: There was a warning or error during the backup process.
  • Green: A Cornerstone data file was backed up

IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery

  • Red: There was a warning or error during the backup process.
  • Blue: A Cornerstone data file was not backed up.
  • Green: A Cornerstone data file was backed up.

Cornerstone Administrators and staff with proper security permissions will see the Backup Verification Assistant the first time they log in daily. It can also be viewed manually through the Reports menu.

After viewing the Backup Verification Assistant, select the Verified check box. Click OK.

Enabling the Backup Verification Assistant in Cornerstone

Navigate to Tools > Backup Verification Assistant.

  1. Select the backup software that is used by your practice.
  2. Select the Use Backup Verification Assistant check box.
  3. Click OK.

Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Backup Logs


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Backup Verification Assistant

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