Logging out

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Protect yourself by logging out of Cornerstone when you are not at the computer. This requires the next person to log in with their own credentials.

Before you start

  • Set security access to the following, as appropriate, for the logged in user’s role: Change Password 
  • Setup: Auto-lock/Logoff options for workstations


  • An active staff member with a password is required to log in.
  • Use care when changing users. The database records which user is logged on when it saves information.
  • Cornerstone uses whoever is logged in to determine security access to dialog boxes and reports. If the “Access denied” message displays while you are using Cornerstone, you do not have security access to the dialog box or report you were trying to access

Logging out

Use any of these methods to log out:

  • Ctrl + L. Save or discard changes to any in progress windows, if prompted.
  • File > Password Entry (same as Ctrl + L)
  • File > Log Out User. Click Yes when prompted to confirm.

Logging in

  1. File > Password Entry (same as Ctrl + L).
  2. Enter your user ID or select your name from the user list and press Tab.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click OK or press Enter.
    Note: Select Remember User to keep your name in the user field on this workstation, if appropriate, so you can use password-only login.

Changing password

With security access, you can change your own password. A current password is required. If you forgot your password, a system administrator must enter a new password for you under Security Setup.

  1. File menu > Change Password.
  2. Enter the password currently being used for the logged-in staff ID.
  3. Enter the new password. Note: Maximum password length is 30 characters.
  4. Retype the new password to confirm accuracy.
  5. Click OK.

Additional information

Logging out

Logging in



Related reports

These Cornerstone reports provide information from the actions outlined in this article. Each report has its own security access under the Reports tab of the Security Setup window.

  • Security report: File > Security Setup > Select user > Administrator password entry > Print.
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Logging out

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