Appointment Scheduler: Suite setup

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Suites allow you to choose specific rooms to display together in your preferred order on the Appointment Scheduler. Suites may be set as a practice or staff default or selected on the Appointment Scheduler.

Before you start

  • Create Appointment rooms
  • Security access to Appointments – Suite Information and Appointments – Suite Setup dialogs


  • The Default Suite cannot be modified or deleted except for the number of columns displayed. It contains all rooms in the order in which they were added.

Setup a suite

  1. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Suite Setup
  2. Click New or select existing suite and click Update.
  3. Enter or modify the Suite description.
  4. Select a number of columns to display
  5. Adjust rooms to display in the suite
  6. Adjust display order of by highlighting a room in the list and reposition using the arrow buttons.
  7. Click OK.

Delete a suite

  1. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Suite Setup.
  2. Select existing suite and click Delete.
  3. Click Yes or No to confirm.

Additional Information

Columns on grid

Deleting templates

Default suites by staff or workstation

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Appointment Scheduler: Suite setup

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