Appointment Scheduler: Staff hours and room permissions setup

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Staff hours and room permissions populate the staff dropdown field on the Schedule for Today window and warn the user if scheduling an appointment at a time or in a room not assigned to the Staff ID being scheduled.

Before you start

  • Staff IDs created for all staff seeing appointment
  • Security access to Appointment-Staff Setup, Appointment-Staff Hours Setup and Appointment-Staff Goals Setup dialogs


  1. Controls > Appointment Scheduler > Staff Setup
  2. Select the staff member and click Hours.
  3. Staff hours default to the practice hours. Modify the staff’s schedule for appointments by adjusting times that differ from practice hours or clearing checkboxes. Any times outside the practice default will be highlighted in yellow. Skip this step if the staff member can be scheduled at any time during practice hours.
  4. Click OK to save changes and return to the Staff Setup window.
  5. With same staff member selected, click Goals.
  6. Select a room from the drop down where this staff may have an appointment scheduled. Repeat as needed for additional rooms.
  7. If the practice tracks daily sales goals for a staff member, type the staff member’s revenue goal for each day in each applicable room.
  8. Click OK.

Additional Information

Staff hours

Time entry tips

Staff rooms and goals

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Appointment Scheduler: Staff hours and room permissions setup

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