Appointment Scheduler: Setup checklist

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Use the required and optional setups listed below to ensure that your appointment scheduler is configured properly for your practice.

Consider before setup

Define an appointment scheduling plan for your practice before setting up rooms and reasons for visit.

  • Are appointments scheduled by staff member or by room/location?
  • How do you want the room name (staff name, staff title, room number, etc.) to display in the
    Schedule for Today window?
  • Are surgeries scheduled in a doctor’s column or a specific surgery column?
  • Are appointments scheduled for drop-offs, technicians, or groomers?
  • How is overbooking handled?

Required setup

Optional setup

  • Set up appointment suites based on rooms.
  • Set up schedule templates to define the appearance of the Schedule for Today window.
  • Assign scheduling templates to days of the week.
  • Set up next appointment reminders.
  • Set up daily staff revenue goals for each room.
  • Set up printer assignments and security access for appointment reports.
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Appointment Scheduler: Setup checklist

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