Appointment Scheduler: Schedule for Today window overview

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The Schedule for Today window is the main Appointment Scheduler window used for viewing, scheduling, and tracking patient appointments. From this window you can:

Before you start

  • Appointment – Schedule for Today
  • Appointment – Schedule Appointments
  • Appointment – View Appointments
  • Appointment – Update Appointments
  • Appointment – Move Appointments
  • Appointment – Schedule for Week
  • Appointment – Schedule for Week Legend
  • Appointment – Tickler File
  • Appointment – Appointment Note Setup
  • Appointment – Appointment Notes

Access and navigation

The Appointment Scheduler can be accessed from multiple pathways. Most commonly used are the toolbar icon and from the Patient Clipboard. Patient Clipboard > right-click on patient name > Appointment Scheduler.

For additional pathways, see the Additional information section below.

Navigation options:

  • Use the drop-down lists for Staff, Suite, and Template to filter the window.
  • Use the action buttons on the right side and the links at the bottom of window to perform various functions and navigate to the desired day.
  • Use the radio buttons at the bottom left of the window to select your view preference of either display check-in/out or staff.

Display options

StaffSelect a staff member to view their scheduled appointments for the day. All other appointments, that are not for that staff, will appear without appointment information. If a staff member’s hours are different from practice hours, the schedule will display their time in the Time columns on the left and right sides of the appointment grid in black. Unavailable times will appear gray. Times allocated for lunch appear in yellow, unless an alternate color for lunch was selected under practice hours.
SuiteSelect a suite of rooms to display.
TemplateDisplays the template assigned to the specific day of the week. A different template may be selected from the drop-down list.
From/ToSelect the time frame to display on the Schedule for Today.
Display Check-in/check-outDisplays an “I” to the left of an appointment to indicate that the patient is checked in and displays an “O” to indicate that an appointment is checked out. An empty box indicates the appointment has not been checked in or out.
Display StaffDisplays staff icon to the left of each appointment slot, as well as the far-right staff scheduling status column, based on the staff time check boxes selected on the appointment. The status column displays a yellow or red background if one or more appointment times in different rooms are scheduled with the same staff member. This status column appears with either display staff or check in/out.
TodayDisplays the schedule for the current date.
Previous Day / Next DayDisplays the previous/next day’s schedule.
Go to DateDisplays a calendar that allows you to select a specific day and go to that day’s schedule.

Function options

Items with an asterisk (*) are also available from the right click menu of a selected slot or appointment.

RefreshRefreshes the window with data from other workstations
Schedule*Schedule an appointment in the selected time slot
Update*Edit the selected appointment
Check In*Check the selected appointment in
Move*Move the selected appointment
Block*Block out times so appointments cannot be scheduled.
Delete*Delete the selected appointment
FindSearch for available appointment times
LocateLook up a client’s past and future appointments
TicklerList of deleted appointments that can be used for rescheduling
NotesEnter notes about the day’s schedule
View*View details about the selected appointment
PrintPrints the schedule in grid view
WeeklyAccess the weekly schedule view
CloseClose the window

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Short cuts


Appointment scheduler pathways

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