Appointment Scheduler: Schedule for the Week

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Use this condensed version of your daily schedule to view appointments, blocks, and lunches. From this window, you can quickly find and schedule available spots across multiple rooms and days.

Before you start


  • Scheduling templates do not appear in this window.

View and Navigation

  1. Schedule for Today window > Weekly
  2. The current date displays. The single arrows will advance by one week, the double arrows will advance one month.
  3. All Staff displays. Select a specific staff from Show drop-down list, if needed.
  4. Suite displays based on staff and Appointment Scheduler default settings. Select a different suite from the Suite drop-down list, if needed.
  5. Scroll up-down to view additional hours.
  6. Four rooms display per day. Scroll left-right to view additional rooms.
  7. Click Legend to view letter and room number definitions.
  8. Click Close to return to Schedule for Today window.


  1. Schedule for Today window > Weekly
  2. Navigate to the desired date and column.
  3. Double-click an open time slot.
  4. Fill out appointment information in the New Appointment window, clicking OK for any client, patient or scheduling alerts.
  5. Click OK to save appointment and return to the Schedule for Week window.

Additional information

  • Appointment details are not available as this is a high-level view only.
  • Scheduled appointments display in the color assigned to reason for visit used for the appointment.
  • Blocks and lunches appear in the color selected in Appointment Scheduler defaults.
  • Appointments can only be scheduled from this window. Updates, moves, and deletions must be performed from the Schedule for Today window.
  • If using scheduling templates, the default reason for visit will display when scheduling an appointment.

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