Appointment Scheduler: Purge old appointments

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Learn how to purge obsolete appointment records to reduce the database size, free up storage space on your server, and improve performance when searching for appointments.  

Before you start

  • Security access to Appointment – Appointment Purge


  • Before purging any records, do the following:
    • Make a backup of your database
    • Close all open windows at the workstation where the purge is being performed.
    • Ensure all users are not performing scheduling activities during the purge.
  • Purging records should align with your state board’s record retention requirements. 
  • There is not a purge report available for appointments. 

Purge appointments

Navigate to Activities > Appointment Scheduler > Appointment Purge. 

Note: It is recommended to make a copy of your database before purging. Purging cannot be reversed.

  1. Select the Staff and Room records to search for from the drop-down lists.  
  2. Enter From and To date range to include in the purge.  You can also F2 to use the Calendar tool to select dates.  
  3. Specify AM only, PM only, or Specific range. Modify the From and To times, as needed.  
  4. Clear the check box for day(s) to not include in the purge, if needed. 
  5. Click OK.  
  6. Click Yes or No on the confirmation message. The number of records found that meet criteria also displays. 
  7. Click OK on the purge is complete message. 

Additional Information

  • If no appointments were found that meet your entered criteria, a message will display. Click OK and reenter criteria or click Close to exit the Appointment Purge window.
  • An appointment purge is also required to change time units between 10 and 15 minutes once the initial setting is used to schedule appointments.

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Appointment Scheduler: Purge old appointments

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