Appointment Scheduler: Print today’s schedule

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Quickly Print the Schedule for Today window with a single click. The Today’s Report displays the same information in grid format for all rooms in the selected suite.

Before you start

  • Set up security for Appointment – Today’s Report (Report dialog)
  • Set up printer assignments for Appointment – Today’s Report (under General Reports)


  • The Today’s Report prints directly to the assigned printer, you cannot select a different one. 
  • There are no report sort/filter options for this report other than Schedule for Today window filters (staff, suite and time). 

Print today’s schedule

  1. Navigate to Toolbar > Appointment Scheduler.
  2. Navigate to the date needed for the report.  
  3. Click Print.  
  4. The schedule will be printed on the designated printer selected in Printer Assignments.

Additional Information

Today’s schedule
  • For detailed information on all scheduled appointments, view either the Appointments Report or the Appointments Report – Summary.
    • Access by navigating to Reports > Appointment Scheduler.
    • Use these reports to create a list of appointments that can also be filtered for specific day(s), room(s), staff, or status.
  • The Today’s Report prints in portrait orientation, with four columns displaying per page. 

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  • Appointments Report
  • Appointments Report – Summary


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Appointment Scheduler: Print today’s schedule

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