Appointment Scheduler: Locate and Find appointment options

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Use Locate to search for a client’s existing appointments. Use Find to search for an available appointment based on entered criteria such as staff, time, and days of week. 

Before you start


  • Staff hours and goals: This is used for finding appointments for a specific staff.
  • Templates: This is used for finding appointments for a specific reason for visit.


Searching for appointments by specific reason for visit or staff will not yield results unless the related setups are in place. 

Locate an existing appointment

  1. Navigate to Toolbar > Appointment Scheduler > Locate.
  2. From the Client ID field, do any of these: 
    • Select a recently accessed client from the drop down. 
    • Enter the client ID and press the Tab key. 
    • F2 or double-click to search and select from the Client List. 
  3. Acknowledge any client alerts. 
  4. From the displayed list of appointments, double-click a row or click Go To
  5. You can also access this information from the Appointment tabs of the Patient Clipboard.

Find an available appointment

Navigate to Toolbar > Appointment Scheduler > Find. 

Specify information in the available fields as applicable:  

  1. Room: Do one of the following: 
    • Use all preselected rooms to search. 
    • Click a single room. 
    • Use CTRL key and click on each room to select/deselect. 
  2. Reason for Visit: Select a specific reason for visit.  
  3. Staff: Select staff to schedule appointment for. 
  4. Units: Modify the number of time units needed for the appointment. 
  5. Date range: adjust dates in From and To fields using any of the following: 
    • Type over the date using mm/dd/yyyy format. 
    • Double-click date field to pick a date from a calendar. 
    • Use the single arrow to move a month at a time. 
    • Use the double-arrow to move six months at a time. 
    • Click Today to reset From date to current date. 
  6. Preferred time: Select AM only, PM only or Specific range and enter times.
  7. Day of week: Select each day to include in the search.
  8. Click Search. Available times will display in the list based on the criteria entered. 
  9. Click Stop, as needed, to halt the search. 
  10. Select a displayed row and click Schedule or double-click a row to create the appointment. 
  11. After scheduling the appointment, the search is closed. If you cancel scheduling from the search results, you are returned to the results list. Do one of the following: 
    • Select a different search result to schedule. 
    • Click Cancel to return to search criteria settings. Proceed with an additional search or click Cancel to close the search. 

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