Appointment Scheduler FAQs

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The most frequently asked questions about setting up and using the Appointment Scheduler

How do I change the color used for appointments?

Where do I update the Reserved for background colors on the Appointment Scheduler?

How do we change the documents that generate at check-in and/or check-out?

Where do I go to change or remove the alert coming up when scheduling an appointment?

Why do “staff does not normally work at this time” alerts keep popping up when trying to schedule an appointment?

How do I change what rooms display when opening the Appointment Scheduler?

We have a scheduling room we no longer use. How do we delete it?

Why can’t the Staff ID on an appointment be changed? The field is greyed out.

Can I just rename a room used for a former doctor for our new doctor?

Our practice hours changed. Where do I find the setting to change them?

How do I book a client appointment for 2 or more of their pets?

How do I double-book an appointment in a room?

A reason for visit is set to one time unit and we always need to change it. Can I change this?

Why do I sometimes see an alert after scheduling an appointment the staff is booked for another appointment?

How do I change time increments on the appointment scheduler?

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Appointment Scheduler FAQs

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