Antech Lab integration: Requests and results

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Learn how to make lab requests for Antech labs within Cornerstone and view results.

Before you start

Security setup


  • Cytology and histology tests must be ordered separately from blood work requests for the same patient. Do not include cytology/histology requests on a blood work request.
  • You must use the request entry workflow for ordering tests in either of these situations:
    • Ordering both a cytology and a histology test
    • Ordering multiple blood tests

Creating a request

  1. Start a new laboratory request using your preferred method:
  2. Select the Antech Diagnostics laboratory from the Lab drop-down list on the New Lab Request window.
  3. Under Profile/tests, enter the appropriate items.
  4. Verify the requested information is correct for the patient, requesting doctor, and ordered test.
  5. Click OK on the New Lab Request window.
    • If you ordered a cytology or histology profile, the Information for Antech Test Requests window opens. Provide the additional information requested.
    • Click OK.
  6. Cornerstone validates the request and submits the request to the laboratory electronically. The Print Lab Request dialog box opens.
  7. Select print options and click Print.
    • If this is a cytology/histology order, mark the specimen site (if applicable) on the dorsal/ventral images at the bottom of the printed form.
  8. Include the printed form with the specimens you send to the laboratory.

Note: Updates are not allowed on Antech requests. If you need to change the request, you must delete the request and then recreate it so the correct requisition form can be scanned at the lab. If you have questions or concerns about the test, contact the laboratory directly.

View lab results

Antech lab results can be viewed in Cornerstone the same ways as IDEXX lab results. See the article Review Lab results for detailed information.

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Antech Lab integration: Requests and results

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