Antech Lab integration: Overview and setup

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Antech Diagnostics laboratory module enables online test ordering and automatic results download with Antech laboratories. Before using the Antech Lab integration it must be installed and the integration set up with Cornerstone including credentials, price update information and linking lab tests to profiles.

Before you start




  • Antech Diagnostics’ profile list is updated automatically by Antech Diagnostics, as needed. The IDEXX Cornerstone software alerts you when prices are updated. 
  • You can specify an automatic markup percentage for Antech Diagnostics profiles.
  • When you order an Antech Diagnostics profile, the Cornerstone software checks the order for accuracy and then generates a bar-coded order form appropriate for the profile type. Print the form and include it with your specimens.
  • When your order is complete, the Cornerstone software sends the profile request to the laboratory electronically. All charges are captured to the Patient Visit List for accurate client billing. 
  • Results are automatically downloaded from the laboratory approximately once per hour. 

Set up Antech Lab integration

Antech credentials

Before using Antech lab integration, your Antech account information needs to be set up in Cornerstone. For more information, including how to set up Antech labs for Multi-location single database (MSLD) practices, review the article Practice Information and Settings.

Lab information

When setting up Antech lab integration, indicate if invoice item prices should be set to update automatically when the price of lab tests changes.

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > Laboratories > Antech

  • Automatically Update prices: Select to have prices automatically updated in Cornerstone on invoice items linked to Antech lab profiles.
    • The update will occur when end of day is run.
    • If not selected, users will be notified of the price changes on their first log-in each day until the user clicks Do not remind me again or updates the lab prices.
  • Allow prices to go down: Select if prices should go down when lab test prices are lowered.
  • Markup percentage: Enter the percentage items should be marked up or down.

Link species, breeds, and sex

The sex, breeds, and species set up in Cornerstone need to be linked to the sex, breeds, and species for Antech before ordering tests.

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > Set up Lab Links > Select Link Species, Link Sex, or Link Breeds.

  1. Select Antech from the Lab drop-down list.
  2. Following instructions in the article Link species, breeds, and sexes for labs.

Note: There are limited options when linking exotic species and breeds.

Linking tests with invoice items

Navigate to Activities > Lab Work > Profiles.

  1. From the Lab drop-down list, select Antech for the laboratory.
  2. Follow the instructions in the article Link Laboratory tests with invoice items.
    Note: If the profile is for cytology, check This is a Cytology/Histology profile to ensure the item can be properly requested and all details will be entered.
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Antech Lab integration: Overview and setup

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