Reporting Collection

Find the reporting information you need now or become a reports expert with our collection of report resources. Check out this quick reference guide with links to instructions on how to run our most commonly asked for reports. In addition,

End of period reports

Learn how to create, run, and print reports for end of day, end of month, and end of year. Accessing end of period reports To quickly access your default EOP reports: To view the library of available reports, view the

Cornerstone glossary

A guide to frequently used terms and phrases with examples and organized by category. General Inventory Reporting

Client and Patient Report Builder: Customized reporting

Create and run custom reports based on client and patient criteria such as client sales, postal codes, patient species, and billing history items. Create a report Manage reports Run reports Additional information Related reports

Monthly Invoices, Statements, and Statement Print Options

Monthly Invoices and Statements are printed from the end of month reporting group. Statements include all transaction history (invoices, payments, adjustments, etc.) for the period. Invoice details for both posted and closed invoices can be provided within the statement or

Reports FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about running, sorting, and interpreting reports. Other resources

Reports: How to search, run, and print

Create/run a report, apply sort and filtering as needed, then preview, print, or save the report to file. Search for a report To browse all available reports, click [+] to open an individual report category group and display the reports

Staff Commissions: Setup and using commission reports

Set up staff commissions for easy calculation and reporting of commission percentages and sales totals. Commission profiles can be set up by individual staff or staff classification, with percentages and exceptions set at invoice item classification, subclass, or invoice item