Rabies vaccines and certificates

The Vaccine Tag special action is used to enter tag information and print a rabies certificate. When used for all vaccines, it creates an electronic vaccine sticker that is displayed along with rabies information under the Tags/Microchip ID tab of

Vaccine invoice item setup and use

Learn about the best practices for setting up your vaccine items to track lots and expiration dates. Using vaccine tags for all vaccines, not just rabies, is recommended to store vaccine information under the Tags/Microchip ID tab of the patient

Vaccine tag and rabies defaults

Set vaccine tag defaults to specify required fields, designate a custom rabies certificate, and set default tag number settings to be used in the Vaccine Tag window when issuing a rabies/vaccine tag for a patient. These global Vaccine Tag defaults

Vaccination Bookmarks: Setup and usage

Vaccination bookmarks allows you to customize the contents and layout when reminders are used in patient documents like vaccination certificates or history summaries. Setup vaccination bookmarks default Setup vaccinations bookmark in documents Repeat as needed for other document templates that