Set up Veterinary Pharmacy reference

Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR) is a third party software. Pharmacy Formulary is a separate module available for purchase that integrates Cornerstone with VPR. Learn how to set it up so the tools available with VPR can be used in Cornerstone.

Using Veterinary Pharmacy Reference

Veterinary Pharmacy Reference (VPR) is a third-party software produced by Veterinary Software Associates, LLC. It is an interactive drug reference tool that, once installed, can be set up and integrated with Cornerstone via the Pharmacy Formulary module. The Pharmacy Formulary

Working with prescriptions

The Prescription Labels feature in Cornerstone allows you to:  Create a prescription Start a prescription from the patient or from entering a prescribed item on the Patient Visit List (PVL) or on an invoice. Navigate to any of the following:

Prescription instructions

Create prescription instructions to use on prescription labels for consistent directions. Link to prescribed items to improve efficiency. Setup prescription instructions Navigate to Lists > Prescription Instructions. New instructions Update instructions Delete prescription instructions How to use prescription instructions Once

Prescription defaults

Set preferences for creating and printing prescriptions and lab request labels. Set up prescription defaults Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Prescriptions Prescription label/lab request label area Prescription area Additional information Other Resources