Appointment Scheduler: Create a scheduling note for staff

Use the Notes feature to communicate general scheduling information. Examples: closing time for holiday, doctor on vacation, lunch meeting details or potential waiting list clients.  Add a scheduling note Modify a scheduling note View a scheduling note Delete a scheduling

Working with prescriptions

The Prescription Labels feature in Cornerstone allows you to:  Create a prescription Start a prescription from the patient or from entering a prescribed item on the Patient Visit List (PVL) or on an invoice. Navigate to any of the following:

Working with invoices

Cornerstone contains many features that allow you to create comprehensive invoices. You can place more than one patient on the same owner’s invoice. Posted invoices are the source of data used for revenue and activity-based reporting. Create an invoice Navigate

Group invoice item setup and management

Set up group items with invoice items you often invoice together, such as a dental, to save time and avoid missed charges. When you add a group to a billing window, all items in the group are added. ‘Smart’ features

Using the Patient Visit List

The Patient Visit List (PVL) is a key part of Cornerstone workflow. It captures and stores charges from activities that are then transferred to an invoice, when ready to check the patient out. This prevents missed charges. Learn about all

Track client referrals

Tracking client referrals is a good business practice to develop thank you programs for clients recommending your practice and to measure advertising budget effectiveness. Since referral tracking is based on client ID, media and other marketing methods and non-specific ‘referring

Pick invoice item setup and management

Pick lists allow you to quickly choose one or more items from a list of related invoice items when entering charges on an estimate, Patient Visit List (PVL), document, or invoice.  Pick lists are also often used as part of

Check-in defaults and check-in report settings

Set applicable check-in defaults including checked-in by options. Specify Check-In Report information and printing preferences.  Check-in defaults Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Check-in.  Setup check-in report defaults Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and

Check patients in and out

Learn how to check patients in and out as Cornerstone and the benefits of doing so. Benefits of Check-in/out Check patients in and out as they arrive and depart to maintain an accurate medical history and picture of practice activity.

Appointment Scheduler: Block unavailable appointment times

Appointment time slots can be blocked to prevent scheduling during times when staff members are unavailable. Learn how to make blocks: Create a single or group block Navigate to Toolbar > Appointment Scheduler. Creating a recurring block Note: When creating