Backup Verification Assistant

The Cornerstone Backup Verification Assistant provides extra precaution to ensure your Cornerstone data is backed up. It scans the backup log and reports possible problems when a staff member with appropriate security logs into Cornerstone. IDEXX recommends IDEXX Data Backup

API integration defaults

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules or protocols that enables software applications to communicate with each other, and exchange data. Cornerstone uses API to integrate with several partners. These defaults apply to some of those

Report language defaults

Set the report language to set the language that prints for specific types of client documents. Set up report language defaults The Report Language defaults allow you to set the language and customize specific headings that print on the following

Defaults and security settings

The attached guide provides information on the default settings located in the Cornerstone Lists and Controls menus. Overview The guide is divided into two sections.

Daily Entries report defaults

The Daily Entries Report defaults allow you to specify how your practice tracks changes, additions and deletions of billed lines on the invoice or the Patient Visit List (PVL). To help you maintain the integrity of your practice data, the

Performance Tracker defaults

Performance Tracker reports allows you to compare data, based on end of month processing, within your practice. Performance Tracker defaults are required to fully take advantage of this reporting feature. Summary defaults Set preferences for displaying data and dynamic graphs

Petly Plans default settings

Petly Plans integration with Cornerstone not only checks that billed items are available on the patient’s preventive care plan, it also applies plan discounts if the items and requested quantities are available.  Set up Petly Plans defaults Navigate to Controls

Password defaults

The Password defaults allow practices to set a higher level of system security for tighter information control or to meet regulatory compliance requirements. With the enhanced password security settings, you can add a new level of security to your Cornerstone

Daily Planner defaults

Daily Planner defaults allow you to specify settings pertaining to the Daily Planner Diagnostics and Call Back tabs, which allows you to manage laboratory results, lab requests and call backs for a specific staff member or for all staff. Set

Prescription defaults

Set preferences for creating and printing prescriptions and lab request labels. Set up prescription defaults Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Prescriptions Prescription label/lab request label area Prescription area Additional information Other Resources